Our Chicken Story

We love chickens.  Here's our story as simply as I can write it:

     1.     My bestie bought a bunch of chicks and I decided my family should do it too because it's so                easy and fun.

     2.     We bought 6 specialty chicks: 3 lavendar orpingtons & 3 light sussex.  Oh yeah, we bought                  them during a camping trip. 

I should add that Denai was deathly afraid of these cute little fuzzballs!

     3.     We finally built them a coop and everybody was happy.  And alive. 

     4.     Mr. Sexy sent me a picture of two beautiful dogs.  They were free.  They came to visit for the             first time, smelled the scent, ran through the small opened coop door and trampled 4 pullets. 

     5.     The dogs came to live with us a few days later. They were untrained and we didn't have a                   ton of time to spend training them. 


     6.     Oh yeah, around that same time we got two free kittens to raise as barn cats. 

The grey one got trapped in the garage and we didn't know until it was too late.
But the brown lives on and lives strong!
(still unnamed, it's true)

     7.     We purchased 2 laying hens, 2 pullets and got a free rooster.

Queen Chicken (QC)
Nemo & Marly

     8.     One morning our new dogs didn't come home after exploring all night. We let the chickens                  out of the coop anyways. Mr. Sexy went to work and I left until lunch. When I got home I                   saw a large pile of read feathers far off in the distance and no happy hens or pullets running                 around per usual.

We loved you.
Opal and Snow were never seen again.

     9.     We then purchased two pullets, got 2 coach hens for free and a free rooster. 

Minivans are the bomb-diggity.

     10.    Weeks later we woke up on a Saturday morning to find Rue had gotten himself into the 
              coop run. Upon further investigation we found Rue had one dead hen in his mouth and the                   rest of the chickens dead in the coop.

     11.    Rue and his brother, Atlas, were gone via free section on Craigslist two days later.

     12.    A few weeks later we purchased 4 pullets and found another free rooster.  His name is                         Gandalf the Grey and is my favorite rooster. 

     13.    It has been over a week and all chickens and rooster are alive, happy and well. 

Disclaimer: We loved all our animals dearly. However we admit we didn't always make the smartest choices.  Lessons have been learned all the way around.  I'm sure these won't be the last, either. 

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