Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5 Reasons to Smile Every Day

I'm so incredibly grumpy today.  It's worse than yesterday and I got a lot more sleep last night.  I stole this photo from Rory because it made me smile.  Just a little.

So.... 5 Reason to Live Smile?  Hmmmm....

1.  Miss Denai's 2-tooth smile.  This morning I got to see her smile just after waking up.  So precious.

2.  A really good book:  The kind you can't put down at night.  The one you bring with you to the grocery store in case the line is very long.  The one you wish was never over because it is just that good.  I haven't read that kind of book in a long time.  I should find one...

3.  Kisses.  Not just any kisses, mind you.  The ones where Mr. Sexy grabs me around my waist, pulls me close and revs my engine just by the touching of his lips on mine.  That's passion folks.  And I would live another day just for one more of those passion-kisses. 

Sexy Wedding Day
July 23, 2011

4. Friendship

Some friends drove all the way to my house in the woods, in the snow, just to hang out with me for the day.  It made my week.

5.  Really cute tights with leg warmers and snow boots. I feel stylish and ready to hike through the snow all at the same time.

None of these were really too serious.  Of course I live for the normal things like love and family.  I just wanted to stretch my emotions right now and think outside of that box and try to get over my grumpy state of mind.  It sort of worked.  I'm really excited about my tights, leg warmers and boots that I'm wearing today.  :)

Coffee chat at Time Out for Mom!

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  1. Oh my heart!! that first pic of Miss Denai - so precious. I wanna scoop her up.
    I laughed when I saw that cartoon because it's soooo how I feel first thing in the morning. that the walk to the coffee machine alone will do me in. I wonder if that is why hubby usually brings me that first cup. it's almost as good as kisses - ha!
    Great list. I love that you thought out of the box. It just demonstrates that there really are so many things worth living for. From the serious to the silly.
    and those are really cool legwarmers and boots; so totally legit reason!


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