Friday, February 7, 2014

Writing: Hot Topic Central

5 minutes on the topic: Write. 

I have caught myself lately starting to write about something that doesn't need to be written.  It's usually a hot-button topic that will most definitely stir up controversy.  I have wondered, is that worth it?  Is that the point of writing? 

My conclusion is that for me, it's not.  

I don't want to be on a soap box all the time trying to tell the rest of the world how they are wrong and I am right. 

We are all different with different opinions, desires and ways of life. 

That is A-OK.  

There are aspects of my life that naturally come up that may be seen as "hot-topic."  I will write about those because it's my life and I have personal investment in it.  Such as down syndrome.  Step-parenting.  Alcohol.  Parenting. Marriage.  Sex.  Writing.  

Hmmm that list looks a little scary as I read through it.  Hot button central!  It's a short list that I have strong opinions about.  They will look different for other people.  The way I choose to parent my kids is different from my friends.  Alcohol consumption is a personal choice that I have made that some family and friends would never even consider.  And down syndrome, which relates to being a step-parent, well, let's just say I make mistakes and I share them with the people around me.  

That was 5 minutes of un-edited writing scary bliss.  I have re-read it a bunch of times and want to change some things but that would be against the rules....

Five Minute Friday


  1. I stopped by via FMF and enjoyed what I'm reading. I think writing is a way to share, to encourage, to help others to see and to communicate. And that is what you are doing. Keep writing.

  2. I so relate to your first statement. SOmetimes I have had to step back and ask myself, really does God need me to say this? Will this reveal Him or distract from His garca and truth. Ya know, I think we have to be so careful. To pray, speak the truth in love and be so careful with our words. Every once in awhile I recall the verse where it says we will be held accontable for every word we utter...and we who write? ACK. ALl the more reason to make sure our words are truly laced with grace! All those words there to say: I like what you wrote! ;)

  3. I try not to be too "hot button" on my blog. My intent was always to have my blog be a place where people could escape from that. However, that does not mean I have not spoken my mind, or enjoyed a rant or two on certain occasions. I go with what I am feeling. There will be more personal writings this year, simply because I feel like unloading some of it; but not with intent to stir up controversy.
    It's simply my story.
    And you most certainly should be able to tell your story on your own blog.
    And sometimes wine is consumed in the telling ;)

  4. I think differing opinions is what makes the world interesting!

  5. Lol. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


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