Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kitchen Help Please!

My house was built in 1902.

I'm pretty sure these are the original cabinets 

which we are in the process of painting a friendly yellow.

Now that the drawers are done

I need your help.

How can I best utilize all this space for pantry use 

AND for all my dishes? 

I am going to ::attempt to:: use the philosophy of

if it doesn't fit then get it out of the house, off the property 

and to someone who needs it.

I have one of these ^

One of these ^

Three of these ^

And five of these big boys ^

The cabinets above the counter have little shelves like this.

Although the top cabinets don't.

These lower cabinets are on the right side of the kitchen only.

They also have a shelf built in on the top. 

Then there is this cute corner cabinet which I love.

There are doors for the bottom portion. 

Lastly is this... thing... a wanna be cabinet? 

Perhaps a kitchen table used to come out from inside? 

I have no idea.

But I want it to be useful because it's there and not going away. 

Do you have any help for me? 


I take any and all suggestions.

Thank you!


  1. I am not very good with decorating. But I do love that lemon yellow color So cheerful! I would stick with the open cabinet concept and pitch anything that doesn't fit. Your house is so cute. Love the shutters and the big porch

    1. So far I have managed to get everything to fit with space to spare!

  2. I love the yellow! I think I'd use those big huge drawers for canned goods, boxed foods, etc. Hopefully you can find homes for all of what you NEED to keep, and then can get rid of anything that doesn't fit.

    1. I thought about using the drawers for canned goods but then it seemed like it would turn into a huge mess and I wouldn't be able to easily find what I was looking for. I have been using them for boxed goods and bagged goods. Some of the drawers stick so it takes all my body weight to open AND close them. lol The worst one is the kids drawer! haha

  3. Oh my gosh... we need our own reality show... because get set, here we go!!
    drawer with 2 divides: the big utensils like a spatula or wooden spoons, rolling pin, egg beaters, etc etc.
    drawer with 3 divides: your cutlery: fork, knife, spoon
    drawer with no dividers: junk drawer, plastic wrap, tin foil, wax paper, pen and paper, note pads, etc .etc
    the deep drawers: kitchen linens, tupperware/plastic, mixing bowls, strainers, maybe small pots/pans
    and if you have one left over: it can be kids dishes, or even play dishes and the kids are allowed to go into that drawer ONLY
    I also have one big drawer like that and I keep all the playdoh and accessories in it, because they are only allowed to use play doh at the kitchen table
    I use my under cabinets for the awkward stuff you don't always use: crock pot, blender, bigger mixer bowls, waffle maker, grill, bread maker
    upper cabinets are every day dishes, mugs, glasses and hopefully they can be located where you are most likely to reach for them
    also if you have room, designate some shelves for food items/pantry, if there is no other pantry
    If you have nice dishes or china and no china cabinet, the corner unit would be nice display.
    or if you collect unique dishes or something -- they would look nice grouped there.
    the odd little one by the fridge?? what is it even? drawers or shelves?
    will things like cookie trays, cutting boards, platters, cooling racks, and other long awkward things fit? I have a tall cupboard that holds just specifically those items.
    I wish I was there having a cold beer and helping you! it would be so fun.
    yes, I watch too many decorating shows. :)

    1. I loved all your ideas! It gave me somewhere to start with everything. These kinds of projects get so overwhelming to me. I have just about all boxes unpacked for the kitchen - after like two months of living here lol And I even have some space to spare. Woo!


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