Tuesday, January 28, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

My 3 favorite things... Hmmm....

Latest Instagram Photo Op
Instagram.  I feel like I'm an instagram FrEaK.  I actually have to tell myself: No Mrs. Sexy.  You have already uploaded 3 pictures this hour.  The rest can wait.  You need to stop.  But I just looooove it!!!  It's easy and fast and I have cute little tags that have only pics of my kids and hottie of a husband.  I really don't want to annoy people because I always post to Facebook and twitter so just know that daily I struggle with not uploading pictures all day.  Literally.  All day.

Getting my hair done.  I say this wistfully because it's been a year since I've spent a decent amount of money and given my hair a weave of highlights and auburns and cinnamons and....lots of other fancy colors.  I crave getting my hair done.  I always feel so wonderful afterwards.  It's a new, fresh look which sometimes scares me every time I pee (because there is usually a mirror by the toilet) but then I realize how beautiful my new hair is and I take bathroom breaks just so I can look at my hair in the mirror.  Deep breath.  I need to talk to Mr. Sexy about working this magic back into our budget.

Instagram again!
December, 2013

Beer.  Today I received my birthday present from Mr. Sexy!  It was a case of beer!  He signed me up on a beer-of-the-month club because he knows that I don't know very much about beer and that I never know what kind I like.  This way, every month the UPS guy delivers a case of 12 beers to my doorstep.  I can rate them online and they will be able to cater what they send me based on what I enjoy.  How awesome is that!  I get a birthday present every month!

So there's my three favorite things.  I'm not sure I can say those are even my top three favorite things.  They are just what popped into my head as I started to write.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I get my hair done every four weeks and it takes three hours so I sometimes think of it as a chore but I love my stylist so as long as I actually have something to talk about we have a good time.

  2. I for one love looking at everyone's pictures -- that's the whole point of Instagram. so I won't get tired of it no matter how many you post. maybe we are all just a little bit voyeuristic! ha

    I have not got my hair done at a salon in years either. I just do it at home. it sucks.
    Beer! I love this one we have in Canada called Keith's. technically it's an India Pale Ale, which I don't normally go for -- but I don't mind theirs. But I love the more stout ales like Guiness or Ricker's Red. I don't really drink any American beer at all. Our is more alcohol :)

  3. I love your hubby's birthday present - the idea of a beer-of-the-month club, especially with the rating, because I usually forget which ones I liked. And by the time I have to buy new one - no idea...

  4. beer of the month… FUN! although I hate beer (I am a wine girl)
    But I love to get my hair done!

  5. My husband would totally go for a Beer of the Month Club! Myself, I'm more of a Jager girl. I have an idea of what Instagram is but haven't tried it out yet.


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