Thursday, January 2, 2014


Thanks for venturing into yet another blog startup of mine!  There have been quite a few of them over the years.  Each one just gets better.  It's been over a year now since I shut down my last blog.  It's good that I took a step away.  But it's time to continue sharing my stories.

Please take some time and read through my few links that I have set up.  In order to understand the stories I will share, you need to have an understanding of where my family and I have come from.

Again, thanks so much for checking out my new little bloggy space.  This is my favorite one so far and I haven't even started writing yet!  

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  1. Hello and welcome back to the blogging world! I hope that this time around your experience is much more positive! I do believe I remember that nasty business that happened.
    Blogging is so personal. We open our hearts and bleed onto the page sometimes. And our blog space should be a safe space to let our voice ring true. Hopefully it works that way for you this time around.
    Looking forward to catching up -- looks like you got a beautiful little bundle of joy that I didn't see last time! Congratulations! :)


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