Friday, March 28, 2014

5MF: Mighty

5 minutes of unedited, unpolished messy writing on the word: Mighty.  Starting now.

Mighty warriors.  I'm thinking of my 6-year old son and the 5 minute story we read last night about the Avegners and how Captain America was found.  I was thinking about how at his age I believe I was more interested in love stories and princess and the color pink than The Incredible Hulk and making sure everything is blue because blue is for boys ONLY.  That's what he thinks anyways.

I hope Michael grows to be mighty like Mr. Sexy.  Mr. Sexy never gives up.  Too often I don't have faith in his ability to fix what is broken.  It hurts him and usually he doesn't even tell me.  Michael has that same mentality.  "Oh this didn't work.  I guess we should just go home and give up."  That's basically what he said while Mr. Sexy failed - again - at getting our truck out of the mud a few feet from our house.  (The mud is crazy out here in these fields.)

Mr. Sexy doesn't know the word failure.  This reminds me of Einstein.  Although my husband is MUCH hotter.  ::wink wink:: Instead of seeing failure, he sees a new way, a better way.  I can't always have that mentality and my 6-year old soon who (as far as I can tell) has a gamer for a biological father, well, he allows failure to happen to him too.

So I hope that Michael will persevere like Iron Man.  I hope that he will find new ways to conquer the challenges that will come his way in life.

5 minutes went by fast today!  Hope you liked it!

  Five Minute Friday


  1. i love watching my boys discover what kind of men they want to become. i hope mine are mighty too :)

  2. I hope your son does look to Iron Man, or even Captain America, as an example that all obstacles can be overcome - even if the obstacle is the mud his car is mired in :)

  3. Don't you love having boys? I sure do! I like this "instead of seeing failure, he sees a new way, a better way." That's what I love about my husband, too. I wish I had eyes like that. Lovely post! Visiting from FMF. ;)

  4. I'm sure Michael will learn perseverance and how to be a mighty man from your hubby. :)

  5. I was always the girl who had her Barbie saved by Superman, or the Incredible Hulk crashed her date with Ken. It was a trendsetter - these kinds of fantasy mash ups happen all the time now.
    I think it was Einstein too ???? who said, I didn't fail 100 times..... I found 100 different ways to try again.
    we all need a Mr Sexy who never gives up!


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