Monday, March 24, 2014

A Muddy Adventure and A Bedwetting Update

We bought a new truck. Isn't it spiffy? 

So it's not brand new off the car lot and shiny and smelling like that new car smell we all love.  The door handle may be broken and the steering wheel may be upside down but Mr. Sexy says it runs great.  It was in our price range (of very very cheap) and Mr. Sexy is good at fixing cars. And apparently, he's not a minivan type of guy.  I guess he prefers a jeep or truck.  Go figure.

Today was our first day of our new schedule of me sleeping in a bit and only leaving the house to pick Michael up from his half-day kindergarten.  I was REALLY excited for tomorrow when Mr. Sexy would be taking Michael to school and Michael would get to experience the joys of a stick shift for himself.

Well, as I was in the middle of making dinner, Mr. Sexy calls to tell me he got stuck.  On Rudd Road.  It's a back road that will take you to our house.  What am I saying.  EVERY road is a back road out here off the high way.  But Rudd is different.  I think I went on it once by accident and ended up backing out because it was too scary.  But Mr. Sexy is a boy.  And he likes to do boy things.  So he took his new toy out on the crazy road we will tell everybody NOT to take.  EVER.

And what do you know?  It got stuck in mud.

As Mr. Sexy was telling me this over the phone I saw that Denai had peed all over the kitchen floor (I was letting her butt air out and took it a bit too far).  The french toast was burning on the stove at that point and then I noticed the ground beef juices were all over the fridge because there was a hole in the bag.  This was all happening at the same time.  It was a crazy short period of time.

So after dinner and after our family hike around the property Mr. Sexy and Michael set off to get the truck unstuck.  Mr. Sexy didn't want to take Michael at first because it was quite a hike and already getting late.  But Michael was begging and begging and we are always trying to encourage him to want to do these kinds of things - like hiking, working on the cars with dad, riding bikes, running the dog crazy, all that boy stuff.  So off they went together.  I was a little nervous.  It was dark and I wanted both of them to have a good time.

Well, I think they did.  They came back exhausted having hiked to the truck and back again.  They also came back having a great bonding experience.  It may appear small tonight.  But as my two favorite boys go off together again and again it will turn into something great.  I'm really excited about their relationship.

So, my husband, in my sweet opinion, did a not very smart thinking by taking Rudd Road home  today.  BUT it's ok.  I wouldn't even change it.  My boys had an adventure tonight.  And I'm proud of both of them.

From our family hike after dinner.
He was all about running and climbing and jumping EVERYWHERE.

Bedwetting Update

Mr. Sexy and I are thinking Marie's bedwetting issues are directly connected to her bowels which was pointed out by her doctor about a month ago.  We had her on some medicine which made her have to poop ALL THE TIME and it got so bad she started having poop accidents at night!  Augh!  So we quit with the meds.  And she was dry.  Every night.  She was dry.  WOOOOO!!!!

Then we weren't so on top of making sure she pooped every day.  Things got stressful with her getting up at night and now she can't leave her room at night.  She has been peeing her bed.  

Last night, however, we put her in the bathroom for like an hour and she POOPED.  AND her bed was dry this morning. 

So tonight, we stuck her in the bathroom for like an hour (maybe not that long) and she POOPED!  Soo...fingers crossed????

Airing My Dirty Laundry


  1. I'm glad the bedwetting is getting better!

    And I'm glad the boys had a good time even with the truck getting stuck.

  2. Oh yeah for the boys adventure! (even if it was the result of a misadventure - ha!)
    Definitely some meds can affect those kinds of bodily functions - good thing you discovered that. Sounds like she is doing great! Will pray for more lovely bonding moments and dry beds - and less mud! :)

  3. Sounds like you all had fun with the car.
    congratulations on the bedwetting issue. My little one has a smilier issue. If I do not take her at one in the morning, she will have an accident.


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