Monday, April 14, 2014

Letting Go in Love: My Journey Through Parenthood

L is for letting go in love.

I touched on this subject on Saturday's post in the last few lines.

My stomach lurched as I watched Michael tear down the trail with Winnie, our dog, running right along beside him.  All I could see was how easily Michael could lose his footing and go flying over the cliff that was the left of the trail.  Mr. Sexy just laughed at me and continued along with Denai on his shoulders as if nothing was amiss.

So far, I have never been the mom to become overly concerned or afraid about my kids being kids and doing what they were designed to do.  Explore.  Run. Play.  Learn.  Experience.  But something has changed these past few months.  Maybe it's the fact that Michael is finally crossing through some barriers and doing - or at least attempting to do - crazy boyish things.

Underneath the log was a ditch that was a few Michael's deep.
And, just to make fun of me, he pretended to lose his balance! 

As we continued our hike back down the trail Mr. Sexy told me that as a boy he would be all over this manmade trail and biking down the cliff too.  Okay, so cliff is a strong word.  It's more of a really really steep hill and there are lots of trees and logs and brush and other woodsy things.  As a girl you would never catch me on a bike in a place like this.

Perhaps this is a new phase of letting go for me that feels like uncharted territory.  For the past few years I have tried to push Michael into doing stupid boyish things because he was always so afraid or just plain lazy.  Now it seems things are turning into the opposite.

Michael heard our conversation and then, just because he's a smart alec, he got right on the edge of the "cliff" and exclaimed, "I'm going down there right now!"  I freaked out and yelled that he WOULD NOT.  He and Mr. Sexy laughed.  At me.  How rude!

We all decided that hiking (or biking) down the "cliff" would be saved for a man adventure that mom probably wouldn't know about until after the fact.  That's just fine with me.

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  1. It's taken many years for me to be somewhat okay with my boy doing those crazy boy things. And some days, I'm still not there.

  2. Oh the heart attacks that come with having an adventurous boy!! I do know.
    And then God laughed and gave me 2 tomboyish girls too. at which point my mother reminded me about the day she caught me at the top of the grain silo. yeah. me sheepish. :)


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