Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nails on the Cross: My Journey Through Parenthood

N is for Nails on the cross.

I have 3 kids.

Denai just turned 1 so I think it's safe to say she has some maturing to do.

Michael is 6 and has questions about everything and then some.

Marie is 12 and has down syndrome.

Sooooo when is a good time to introduce the idea of becoming a Christian?

I don't think this question has a cut and dry answer for anybody.  My story in a few lines is that I accepted Jesus as my savior with my parents when I was 5.  I was super duper excited about it.  Then I got older and forgot that it was exciting and being a Christian became quite lame and uncool.  Then at 12 years old I began a personal relationship with Jesus for the first time and that's when it stuck.

Was I a Christian before I turned 12?  I'm not sure.  I think Jesus accepted my child like faith when I turned 5.  But I needed to get beyond that point in my maturity.  As an adult I have no doubts about where I will go when I die because I can remember the moments that Jesus became real to me and I made him Lord of my life.

So far Mr. Sexy and I are allowing the kids to question life and instigate conversations about God and faith.  Well, actually it's only Michael who instigates these conversations.  Denai, of course, doesn't talk yet.  Marie doesn't question a whole lot at this point.

My goal is for my kids to choose to have a personal relationship with Jesus rather than say a prayer and be "safe."  As a mom who understands the gravity of the afterlife this is a scary thing to let go of control of!  However I can often find solace in the fact that I never had such control.  God holds each one of my kids in His capable hands.

And that is where I will leave today's post.  Thank you for reading!

Do you have a story about accepting Jesus or about your kids accepting Jesus?   

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  1. I think the decision of when to accept Jesus should always be left up to the kids. Some decide young and then later in life, when they really get it, then they do it again. I was a pre-teen at the time. My faith comes and it goes. It wavers at best. Love the pictures of your beautiful children

    1. I agree that it should be left up to the kids. So far the goal is to be able to have open conversations about faith, heaven and hell.

  2. I have just found your blog through A to Z. I want to come back and read more after this challenge is over!

  3. I was very young too at first and kinda followed the same pattern you did. Then again in my 20s I had a bit of a crisis -- not necessarily of Faith itself; I still absolutely choose Jesus -- but I wasn't so sure about other Christians. But that worked itself out too.
    And that's why I don't push my kids - there are so many factors involved: do they really, really understand? are they mature enough to hold to that commitment? Can they deal with the other people - Christian and non-Christian who will try to influence their walk? So much to deal with....
    For now, they are in church of course on Sundays. They go to Awana. Read the bibles, pray, etc.
    Mostly I am just praying for the strength and courage to walk the walk I would want them to have with Him. Because certainly, they are watching me most of all.

    1. They are watching us. Michael likes to pray before dinner and it's something he must have memorized at his dad's house because our prayers change based on the day and situation. And he begins with, "Dear Jesus" and ends with, "Dear Jesus, Amen." lol So cute.

  4. I didn't accept Jesus until my mid-20's. 4 of my 5 small people have all made a profession of faith between ages 5 and 7. Sassy, who is 6 now, has flat out told me that she's not ready. I'm fine with that. She goes to church every Sunday, we have our Bible time during school each day, and she sees the rest of us living our faith. I want her to be ready and to understand, not just pray a prayer to make me happy.

    1. That's awesome that she says she is not ready. Michael confuses me because he tells me Jesus lives in his heart but him and I have never prayed the prayer. But I can't tell him he's wrong. lol We just get to have neat short conversations about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.


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