Friday, April 18, 2014

Poop: My Journey Through Parenthood

P is for Poop.

Yes, it's a favorite subject of mine that is long standing.  However I'm more interested in sharing my journey through learning to cloth diaper.  And with that also comes the subject of poop.

One of my best girly pals got me started on cloth diapering when she herself got pregnant.  This girl researches EVERYTHING.  I bet she even researches what kind of underwear is the best (just joking).  But seriously, research is her thing.  So whenever I have questions - about so many things - chances are she has a well educated answer.  Cloth diapering was no different.  I felt like I was literally talking to her ALL DAY some days because it was such an overwhelming topic for me.  Cloth diapering truly is a life style.  And I love it.  Still.  My baby is one by the way.

There are so many crazy hormones after giving birth.  So I blame the hormones on this weird fact: I enjoyed the smell of her new baby poop.  If you read my liebster award post you will remember I enjoy weird smells only if they come from my body.  Well, Denai's poop was my breast milk.  Yummm... I know how weird that is.  Like I said, it was the silly hormones.  Disclaimer: I no longer enjoy the smell of Denai's poop.  Those days are looooong gone. 

This is a one size bum genius.
It barely fit her as a newborn.

Cloth diapering can be very spendy up front which is scary.  As always, Mr. Sexy and I were strapped for cash and needed the baby shower to be "raining diapers and tutus."  That was our theme.  We made tutu invitations and wrote a poem about cloth diapering.  We had a door prize guests could enter into if they brought a diaper as a gift.  We went overboard on the subject and it worked out beautifully.  After
the baby shower we were basically stocked with the diapers we needed!

She did such a great job with my baby shower.
 Those are all her diapers we used as decorations.

In the beginning Denai's diapers went straight into the wet bag.  No rinsing needed.  I was amazed at how easy the process was and couldn't understand why throw away diapers existed still.  We could change Denai anytime, anywhere.  We didn't even need a trash can around because we washed them.  It was EASY.

Then we started introducing solids.  At that point things began to change.  We had to start rinsing them in the toilet and her poop started to smell like normal human poop.  I still considered cloth diapering easy, though.  But I think what made it easy was my resolve.  I also get a really good look at what she is eating and how she is digesting.  I won't go into details, though.  It's pretty gross.  If there is one thing I don't like about cloth diapering, it's the poop now that she eats normal human food.

She doesn't have a butt.
She has a tush.

I think what I love most about cloth is that it saves us money every month because we aren't buying a huge case of diapers and having to throw away diapers that are maybe barely wet.  I can change her every two hours and not feel bad that it's not a sopping wet diaper.

Anyways I could talk about this subject for a long time.  Happy reading!

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  1. Cloth diapering when I had babies was the only choice that we had. I think it is now such a huge waste of money not to mention all the landfills filled with the disgusting things. Good for you. I have tried to talk many young people into trying cloth diapers but was usually met with a wrinkled nose and the word "ewww". My post today deals with poop as wellll!

    1. It's hard to get your mind wrapped around something like cloth diapering. I wouldn't have done it if my friend hadn't helped me so much.

  2. I have no children and I loved this post. I've cared for several babies and always prefer cloth to disposable. Plus, when my cloth-diapering friends come for a visit, I'm less likely to find a poopy diaper rolled up in a corner of a chair or on the floor next to my bed.

    visiting from the A to Z Challenge. I look forward to visiting again.

    1. It is easy for dirty diapers to get left places. And it's always a bummer when you're friend's dirty baby diaper is in your trash can. Cloth. Is. Awesome.

  3. This is probably the one thing that I would go back and differently. I did try cloth diapering with my firstborn, because we had received on pack as a gift. But they leaked All the time. And only lasted the first month because he was over 10 pounds (yes!) born, and outgrew the newborn. Then we saw the price of getting all new ones in different sizes. yikes!
    But I do wish I had better resolve.

    1. It's definitely expensive upfront so most people have to plan for it and budget it in. Also it takes a lot of research because babies are all so different and life styles are different. What works for me may not work for you and your baby. I had a lot of different brands and they all work for different activities.


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