Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mommy, Mrs. Sexy then Me: My Journey Through Parenthood

M is for Mommy, Mrs. Sexy then Me.

Isn't that the way it seems to go a lot of the time?

Mommy tends to come first.  Just this morning I was so proud for hearing my alarm at 6 am - even though I didn't actually get out of bed until 6:33 am.  With my 6 am alarm came the happy gabbing of Miss Denai.  It's great that she was happy and remained happy until Mr. Sexy got her up and dressed.  It wasn't so great that she was up so early on the same day I managed to get up early too!  Maybe she has a nanny cam hidden in my room somewhere....that must be why she leaves her toys all over my floor.

Then Mrs. Sexy needs to make an appearance.  Does she always?  Mr. Sexy will laugh and say no.  Why the laugh?  Because I try.  And when I try, well, it's more of a comedy show then an enticement for ::wink wink::  More often than not I feel anything but sexy.  Ironically, it's on those days that Mr. Sexy comes home and immediately wraps himself around me and showers me with kisses.  Sweaty pits, greasy hair and dish soap.  He's great isn't he?

At the end of the day I usually try to find Me.  Lately we have been calling it: brain rest.  Mr. Sexy has been telling me I need it.  Apparently we live stressful lives and our brains tend to get overloaded because of it.  In an effort to find Me I like to go on walks now that the weather is nice.  It has really been a wonderful new little tradition that we have started.  I don't always find Me, though.  After being Mommy then Mrs. Sexy sometimes I don't have room for Me.  Mr. Sexy can sometimes see this which is when he orders me into the bedroom for a foot rub and a glass of wine.  Falling asleep to that is pretty amazing.

If you're a Mommy or a Mrs. how do you find your Me time? 

This is the A-Z blogging challenge so go ahead and read the introduction and see a list of all my A-Z posts.


  1. You have to make the time. Set a certain day and time that you tell the children this is my room and I am having my mommy quite time. If you make it a routine they will fall in.

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  2. I do think in certain seasons of life, we're more one thing than the other. My daughters are grown so don't need a lot of Mommy. Although when they need her they need her : ) And often I have too much me time now. I think with young kids in the house, mommy is going to be prevalent, but carving out some me time now and then is healthy. As the saying goes, if mommy ain't happy no one's happy!

  3. Brain rest, love that term. It perfectly describes the way I feel at the end of a long day--in need of brain rest.

  4. I'm still trying to find the balance between mom, wife, and me. Add in the homeschooling part and some days I'm not sure if I know WHO I am.

  5. I'm so glad you found me through Courtney's blog! I'm not a mom yet...hopefully within the next few years...but I've loved reading your A-Z Journey Through Parenthood. It totally makes sense, and I can relate to lots of your thoughts...some on a personal level, others bc most of my really close friends are already moms so their littles have a big place in my life. Anyway, your blog is a great find! Love it!

  6. brain rest - love that!
    Now that my kids are in school all day, I get lots of "me" time. But I am usually also catching up on several years of non cleaning and letting things go too. Before they were in school: the me time was pretty much non existent. I had the few hours after they went to bed and often it seemed like my whole day was lived just to get to those hours. But, they still pop up out of bed from time to time. Mommy mode is still switched "on." I found small ways to get the me time: my blog of course, a bath, a walk, take pictures - even if only the sky from my bedroom window. Just something not mom....and not usually sexy.
    I am not sure that Ms. Sexy has ever come back. ha

    1. I bet your hubby would agree that Ms. Sexy never left in the first place. ;)


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